Community Fibre Partnerships

Most people will be aware that the broadband provision in Walton-in-Gordano is less than optimal. BT confirmed last year that they will not be delivering super-fast broadband (fibre) to the village. Legally they don’t have to do this until 2020, which means that if any of us in the village want better internet speeds in the meantime we will have to rely on applying  individually for the £500 grant available to households with less than 2Mb/sec connection speeds or by all getting together as a community to apply for the BT ‘Gap Funding Scheme’. The latter requires investment from the community but is partly funded by BT.

The individual grant scheme can be accessed via This is most likely to be for satellite broadband.

If anyone is interested in joining our Community Fibre initiative please fill out the form below and press the ‘submit’ button. Once we have 30-40 interested parties BT will, as our contact there says:

"Once we’ve received your completed template one of our team will get back to you within 15 working days, with the outcome of our initial checks and a ballpark cost for providing fibre infrastructure in your area. This is the point at which you'll need to liaise with your community to decide whether you want to proceed to the next step. If so, we'll start the modelling work to deliver you a more accurate cost. The cost is individual to each community and varies significantly, however you may be interested to know upgrading an existing cabinet - or providing a new one – is often in excess of £25K per community, in addition to the investment Openreach makes.
When it's time to get the community together to raise funding for the solution we'll be on hand to share our experience, and information about partner companies who could help you simplify the process of gathering funds. We aim to make the process as simple as possible for communities, and our dedicated team is ready to support your community every step of the way.

We’re committed to working with all communities to find a suitable solution to an area to help the 5% of the UK that isn’t covered in existing fibre broadband rollout plans.  Delivering fibre to the hardest to reach communities is a huge challenge. In rural areas we often face laying cables over long distances and challenging terrain and in urban areas we have the complexity of working in busy streets with limited space, so we’ll do everything we can to help.

For more information about community fibre partnerships please visit our website"

As soon as we can get the required number of people we can start the process.

Check back on the Parish Council website for updates


You can check the exchange and cabinet number for each property at, otherwise, please leave blank and we shall complete for you.

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