The Gordano Valley

Walton-in-Gordano lies at the south western end of the Gordano Valley, a mile from the coastal resort of Clevedon.

The Gordano Valley runs from the River Avon at Easton-in-Gordano, in a south westerly direction to Clevedon, on the Bristol Channel coast: it is unusual in that it runs parallel with rather than down to, the sea.  Many people will have marvelled at the magnificent views they experience between junctions 19-20 of the M5 motorway, without realising that they are passing through the Gordano Valley, as the motorway carries them above a designated Site Of Special Scientific Interest and a National Nature Reserve.

Portishead is the only town in the valley, which also contains the village of Portbury, famous because of the adjacent Royal Portbury Docks.  Easton-in-Gordano is the largest and most northerly of the "Gordano" villages, with the much smaller communities of Clapton-in-Gordano, Weston-in-Gordano and Walton-in-Gordano basking in the truly rural idyll that is the floor of the valley.

Our parish consists of the three areas:

 - Walton-in-Gordano, the old village nestled at the south western end of the Gordano Valley along the B3124, Moor Lane and Walton Street

 - Walton Down, a cluster of homes above Walton Street, where "the Coast Road", as we call it, turns towards Portishead

 - Walton Bay, where some two thirds of our population live, many with homes almost hidden in the hillside that plunges down to the Bristol Channel

       The Old Cross Tree, replaced in 1980       The M5 motorway hurtles above the       Looking from Walton Street - Cross            Moor Lane, meandering across the
       but still a symbol of the Village                  wonders of the Gordano Valley Floor      Tree - over the B3124 to Moor Lane            bed of the valley.
      The old Cross Tree in the centre of the village      The M5 Motorway viewed from Moor Lane       View from the Cross Tree towards Moor Lane       Moor Lane Walton-in-Gordano

      Looking out across the Bristol Channel from Walton Common.  Along the cliff edge runs a footpath that connects Clevedon to Portishead     
      The Bristol Channel viewed from Walton Common