Walton-in-Gordano Parish Council

Who we are and what we do

Walton-in-Gordano is in the Gordano ward of North Somerset District Council (a Unitary Authority).

The Council has five members; it has no office but uses the Clerk’s home address for postal purposes and current files, and digitises archive files via the Clerk’s computer.  The Council does not operate a committee system: it meets in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm as a full Council on the second Monday of every month except August and May.  In August there is no meeting. In May, the meeting starts at 7pm so that the Annual Parish Meeting can follow it at 8 pm.  The Clerk is an employee of the Council and is paid monthly by standing order. PAYE is paid to HMRC quarterly.

The Council has no bye laws, and no property holdings or property care responsibilities beyond one street light on the B3124 adjacent to its junction of Moor Lane, a notice board, at Cross Tree, in the village centre and one by the bus stop at Walton Bay.  These three assets are written down in the Council accounts to £1 each.  The Village Hall is run by a charitable trust and the burial ground at St Paul’s Parish Church is run by the East Clevedon Benefice.

Regular meeting Agenda items cover Crime and Traffic, Planning, Streets and Open Spaces and Finance with resultant discussion being recorded in minutes which are approved by the next meeting and entered into the Minute Book.  Unresolved issues roll on from one meeting to the next.  New issues are introduced by the Clerk via the Clerk’s Report, by Individual Councillors based on their own concerns or observations, or those that have been put to them by Residents, or via information from North Somerset Council, the Gordano Ward North Somerset Councillor, the Emergency Services, Central Government, or some other Relevant Agency.

Each May the Parish Council holds its Annual General Meeting at 7.00 pm at which a Chair and Vice Chair and Representatives to Outside Bodies (e.g. The Village Hall) are elected.  After this meeting - at 8.00 pm - the Annual Parish Meeting is held at which the Chair of the Parish Council presents an Annual Chairman’s Report.  Reports are also presented by The Parish Church, The Village Hall Committee, The Women’s Institute and the Social Club, before the meeting is opened to general discussion.  The Parish is small enough not to have a Parish Plan, Quality Status, or Local Charters.